Frequently asked Questions

  • Will my power be turned off when I switch to Just?

    No, we will take care of everything for you. Your power will not be switched off as part of this process and you will not be billed twice for the same period.

  • How can I update my details

    You can update your details by calling us completing this form, or by logging into My Account.

  • Do I have to talk to my old power company if I switch?

    There is no need for you to talk to your old power company when you switch over to Just Energy, we will do that for you. Once we inform your current electricity provider that you are switching to Just Energy they are required to complete the switch within 10 days by giving us your final meter read. They will use this final meter read to send you the final bill for your account with them. Your next bill will be from us.

  • Do you have a low user Tariff?

    Yes. If you use less than an average user (less than 667kWh per month), if your network allows low user plans and the property we are supplying is your primary residence (not a holiday home).

  • What is your schedule of fees?
    Visit our schedule of fees page to find out more.
  • How can I pay?

    We have a range of different payment options available to suit you. 

    Direct Debit (Recommended)

    To set up a direct debit for your account, call us on 0508 587 836

    Alternatively you can complete a Direct Debit Application here

    Internet Banking

    Log into your banks internet banking before your bill is due and pay the amount shown on your bill. 

    If Just Energy is not set up as a bill payee, you can set this up with the details below:

    Bank account name: Pulse Energy Alliance LP
    Account number:< 02-0108-0333798-029
    If you are required to include only a two digit suffix then you should use 29
    Reference number: Use your 10 digit Just Energy consumer number which can be found on the front page of your bill at the top right hand side
    Particulars: your initials and surname


    SmoothPay spreads your electricity payments evenly throughout the year, so you pay the same amount for your power bill each month.

    How it works

    We will calculate your electricity costs over a year, and divide this into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments – you can choose the frequency that is best for your home.

    You will still receive a bill each month (electronic or in the mail), so you can keep track of your energy usage and payments.

    On the agreed payment day, we will deduct the payment amount from your bank account by direct debit. 

    We will review your account 3 months after you have been set up on Smooth Pay to check your regular payments are in line with the amount of energy you are using. If your payments need to be adjusted, we will give you at least 10 days’ notice before a new payment amount is deducted from your bank account.

    We will then review your account periodically to ensure you are paying the correct amount for your home based on your usage.

    Setting up your SmoothPay

    Please email and our Customer Care Team will help you work out what your payments will be. 

    NZ Post

    Take your bill to any NZ Post Shop, where you can pay by cash or EFTPOS. 

    Credit Card

    If you would like to make a one off Credit Card payment, please contact our team on 0508 587 836 and have your customer number handy.

    You can also automatically pay your bill with your credit card each month. To set this up please complete the Credit Card Payment Authority Form here and return it to  Just Energy PO Box 10044, Dominion Road Auckland 1446, New Zealand.

    The name that will appear on your statement will be Pulse Energy. 

    Service Fees: A 1.0% credit card surcharge fee will be charged and added to payments made by Mastercard or Visa. Credit card surcharge will be taken at the time of payment and will not appear on your bill.

    Over the counter at any BNZ Bank

    Bank account details

    Bank account name: Pulse Energy Alliance LP
    Account number: 02-0108-0333798-029

    Remember to complete the reference section on the deposit slip using your consumer number 

    Currency: All currency quoted on this website is NZD$

  • Medically Dependent or Vulnerable Customers

    Just Energy ensures we look after all of our customers.

    If you are Medically Dependent on electricity for critical medical support and the disconnection of electricity may result in loss of life or serious harm please let us know immediately.

    Click here for Medically Dependent / Vulnerable Customer Form

    If you are a Vulnerable Customer and are unable to pay your electricity bills for reasons other than health please contact us to discuss alternative options.

  • Where can I locate your forms?

    To find all the Just Energy forms for Direct Debit, and other payment options please click here.